Episcopal Community Services (ECS) and the parishes within the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania have long been in communion.

These institutions are inextricably linked by our common history and values. 

ECS’s roots run deep in both the Episcopal community and the field of social work. ECS was founded to coordinate the anti-poverty work of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, and over the years, its work has evolved with the changing needs of Philadelphians. Today, ECS’s mission is to challenge and reduce intergenerational poverty. Its bond with the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania is a critical component in ECS’s ability to achieve its objectives.

Our Chaplain

In 2022, following the retirement of the Rev. David Anderson, ECS called Kyle Evans as its next Chaplain. This position is one of some historical significance for ECS and was resurrected in 2019 to fulfill the overlapping goals of ECS and the Diocese. These goals are laid out in a Covenant that was adopted by both ECS’s Board of Trustees and the Bishop Diocesan on behalf of the Diocese as a whole.

The Chaplain partners with both parishes and individuals better understand how their common work reveals the heart of the Gospel, giving witness—in word and action—to Christ’s unconditional affirmation of humanity, through which we honor God in the world.

The Chaplain will build relationships within the parishes in order to support the Covenant between of ECS and the Diocese. In addition to helping break the myths of urban poverty, the Chaplain serves as a bridge between the people served by ECS and each congregation’s desire to engage in meaningful outreach and volunteer work. In order to confront the challenges of poverty, the Episcopal community must first better understand the issues of poverty and the solutions that we can provide. ECS hopes to be a catalyst for education and discussions. Together, we are stronger as we live out our Baptismal Covenant.

In addition to the Chaplain role, ECS has developed the following offerings for consideration by the parishes:

Meet with Parish Leadership
Education: Challenging Poverty
Sunday Sermon or Guest Speaker
Meet with Parish Groups
Establish Community Programs within the Parish
Transformational Volunteer Opportunities
Parishioners Can Directly Benefit from ECS Programs