Episcopal Community Services supports individuals and families in determining and following their own paths. It’s the best way to transform communities.

Our mission is to challenge and reduce intergenerational poverty. We increase the ability of people to improve their lives and achieve economic independence. We call upon every person to participate in sustainable, positive change for our communities.

We envision a world where the path to prosperity is available to all.



We honor the inherent worth of every human being.

A fundamental value from both the Episcopal tradition and the social work code of ethics, dignity is at the core of our work, shaping program design, operations, and advocacy. We foster confidence, trust, and resourcefulness, and we believe that all individuals have the courage, capacity, and will to create a personal measure of self-sustainability and fulfillment.


We confront systems and policies that deprive our participants and their communities of choice and opportunity.

We know that working towards a more just world is a responsibility we all share and we are committed to meaningful change.


We integrate the ideas and perspectives of participants, staff, board of trustees, peer agencies, and stakeholders.

We accomplish more together and we know that collaborative and inclusive relationships strengthen programming and advocacy.


We make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

Using research and data to confirm our impact, we seek out the people and partnerships that increase positive outcomes for those we serve. When we are successful, our actions are replicable and scalable.