What better legacy is there to leave than your commitment to “strive for justice and peace, and to respect the dignity of every human being” through high-quality social work and community building?

Whether you are taking those first important steps toward planning your estate or updating an existing estate plan, ECS is here to help you include a charitable component. We have tools to assist you in developing a charitable legacy that fits your needs … and perpetuates your values. For more than 150 years, Episcopalians across the diocese have made legacy designations – large and small – that have secured the future of the agency.

Consider first what is important to you. Perhaps you have supported ECS with a faithful annual gift and volunteered in one of ECS’ programs; perhaps you have made capital gifts to major projects at ECS. The story of ECS has been written by generations of Episcopal clergy, lay people and dedicated staff who have responded with love and determination to alleviate suffering and inspire individual growth and independence.

Consider, too, what your personal requirements are:


A simple bequest of a portion or a percentage of your estate may provide the lasting support for ECS that you wish to establish.

If you are concerned about income, a life income gift can provide security for you or for another. You never outlive the payments, which can begin immediately or be deferred (and earn a higher rate of return).

Gifts from an insurance policy or an IRA may preserve some or all of the funds from estate tax and contribute to the vital mission of ECS.

Join with other thoughtful donors who, with an estate gift, have become members of the City Mission Legacy Society. If you have already named ECS in your will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy, please let us know. We want to thank you personally and welcome you into the City Mission Legacy Society. Any wish for anonymity will be strictly honored.

If you wish to know more about options for a planned gift, please email plannedgiving@ecsphilly.org or call 215.351.1461.