Free for all accepted participants, MindSet pairs one-on-one coaching with group training to help individuals set goals, develop skills, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Unlike many other programs, MindSet uses a long-term approach that supports the whole person. We enable participants to develop all of the skills needed to become self-sufficient by providing training, individualized coaching, and mentorship in four core areas: Health and Wellness, Employment, Education, and Financial Management.

In addition to creating and completing their own customized curriculum, MindSet participants will also receive cash incentives for finishing activities and a 2-to-1 cash match on the money they save within a designated bank account.

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About MindSet
Cost, Location, and Time Commitment
Career Development, Financial Stability, and Intended Outcomes

MindSet has shifted to open enrollment. Those interested in applying can begin the process at any time during the year.

MindSet participants are open-minded, dependable, and motivated individuals who are seeking career advancement, upward mobility, and economic self-sufficiency. Participants should be able to identify a career-related goal and have the interest and ability to work towards the completion of that goal.

To be eligible for MindSet, an applicant must be:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Resides in the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Legally allowed to work in the USA and have at least three to five years of work experience
  • Graduated from high-school (or have a GED)
  • Fluent in the ability to write and speak English
  • Able to access and successfully navigate basic word processing software and email
  • Living in a stable housing situation

Additionally, applicants must be experiencing one of the following employment situations:

  • On furlough (temporary leave of absence) or unemployed due to COVID-19
  • Earning a salary not exceeding a qualifying income threshold. Click here see our income threshold chart. Individuals at/or below hourly wage or annual salary (pre-tax annual income) qualify for MindSet.
  • Unemployed but actively looking for a job
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary education or vocational opportunity

Click here to take our Eligibility Quiz. If eligible, you will be redirected to the program application.

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Application Process

MindSet has been developed by Episcopal Community Services (ECS), a Philadelphia-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering individuals and families to envision a positive future and follow their own paths to get there. Click here to learn more about our mission and core values

Working with communities, ECS creates programs that help people increase their ability to improve their lives. MindSet is our newest program that is based on the demonstrated success of the EMPath Model.