In case you missed it, here’s our 2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report is available online for you to peruse.

In a year of 2,000 people served, last year’s annual report, Look Up. Challenge Poverty., stands as a testament to the transformation and growth that we know people can achieve.

Highlights from Look Up. Challenge Poverty. include:

  • A shared message from L. Frederick Sutherland, president of the Board of Trustees, and David E. Griffith, executive director
  • The Year in Review, a quantitative data spread of the year’s successes, as tracked by our Learning and Evaluation Department
  • Three stories that personify our mantra and the book’s title, including Thomas’ Church, Whitemarsh: A Community with a Common Call to Service; Shanelle: A Loving Mother with a Happy Home; and Tamir: A Little Man with a Big Heart
  • A financial overview and list of generous donors, parishes, foundations, and corporations

In one year’s time, we have seen wide-eyed teenagers blossom into young, talented professionals. We have witnessed homeless mothers get keys to their very first homes. Pairs of people, once strangers, have turned their friendships into family-like bonds. We have watched children who played on afterschool playgrounds return as responsible summer camp interns.

The year will be remembered as a moment of transformation for Episcopal Community Services just as it will be for those we served. With volunteers, stakeholders, supporters, and participants, every relationship at ECS is a true collaborative partnership. And the people in our programs remain our guiding light—leading the way with grit, tenacity, and heart.

Click here to read the report.