Thoughtful change is something Episcopal Community Services has always believed in. This organization built its reputation on its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the region.

Yet poverty persists, and long-lasting change will require long-term investments and a holistic approach to combating the challenges many in our community face.

As we approach our 150th year, we are launching into a new era of work—one that reflects our commitment to making lasting change.

By 2020, ECS will fulfill the promise of our new vision, mission, and values, aligning all programmatic outcomes with markers of long-term economic mobility. As a result of this research-informed shift, participants will experience a sustained change in their lives, and systemic barriers to economic independence will be confronted through advocacy.

Responsible evolution is a part of the legacy that we build on into the future. As a leader in social services, grounded in the Episcopal tradition, we owe it to our participants and stakeholders—and we owe it to you—to be an agency that creates a lasting change in people’s lives.

When we look up, we want to see a world where the path to prosperity is available to all. Join us.

Look Up. Challenge Poverty.