Hannah Morehead, MSW

Director of Learning and Evaluation

As director of learning and evaluation, Hannah Morehead fosters an organizational learning culture through evaluative coaching with staff.

During the first four years of her career, Hannah worked with families throughout South Philadelphia. In 2014, while completing her master’s degree in social work at Temple University, she realized her true passion was evaluation.

Since then, she has worked to harness the power of data and its potential to answer the questions necessary to improve participant impact.

Similar to the transition ECS programs have undergone to shift from traditional case management to a coaching modality, the learning and evaluation department is transitioning from a typical expert/client approach in evaluation to utilizing coaching-based relationships, which honors the expertise held by each of our program and department directors.

A Montana native, Hannah grew up in Central Pennsylvania and settled into her West Philadelphia neighborhood in 2007. Outdoorsy by nature, she enjoys time spent hiking or with friends and family.

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