Nathan Brockman


In The News, Mar 2019

(Philadelphia Business Journal) Guest column: The storm of poverty in America

Poverty in America is not unlike lightning that comes in the middle of a summer night.

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In The News, Oct 2018

(Philadelphia Business Journal) Op-ed: How Philadelphia businesspeople can help alleviate poverty

Poverty is not a choice. No one wants to live in poverty, and often those who do are working extra hard to provide for themselves and their families. Some of the most resilient Philadelphians I know are participants at Episcopal Community Services (ECS).

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In The News, Oct 2018

(The Philadelphia Tribune) Tactics laid out for disarming racial microaggressions

When you see someone ask a well-spoken person of color, “Where are you from?” What do you do? Do you respond in some way or do you stand silent?

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Audio, Apr 2019

(WCHE 1520 AM) David Anderson, chaplain, Interviewed on WCHE’s The Julia Journal


In The News, Apr 2019

(WNPV, 98.5 FM-1440 AM) David Anderson, chaplain, Interviewed on WNPV

WNPV’s Darryl Berger interviewed the Chaplain for Episcopal Community Services in Philadelphia, Reverend David Anderson concerning the state of religion in the nation and how our deep faith should flow out towards others with care.

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In The News, Jan 2018

Executive Leaders Radio interviews ECS thought leaders, staff, coaches, and participants

You don’t need to be a high-powered executive to be a leader.

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In The News, Dec 2017

(The Philadelphia Inquirer) Op-ed: Christmas wish: Reduce poverty with education, jobs, volunteerism, and advocacy

In this season, how can we move from acts of maintenance to actions that bring real change to individuals and families experiencing poverty? Read what Dave Griffith, executive director, had to say in an OP-ED in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on

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Press Release, Aug 2016

ECS Welcomes New Chairman and President to its Board of Trustees

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) is pleased to announce the appointment of The Rev. Canon Daniel G. P. Gutierrez as chairman of the ECS Board of Trustees and L. Fredrick Sutherland as its new board president.

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In The News, Nov 2016

(CBS3 and FOX29) The Next Level Expo

CBS3 and FOX29 News caught up with Arley Styer, director of youth and workforce development initiatives, at ECS' The Next Level Expo.

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